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A careable is an open solution that aims to improve the quality of life for people with unmet particular needs or facing physical limitations

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We are all different,
then why care for everyone the same?

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The open and inclusive platform for people to find, share and create self-made healthcare solutions.

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Discover careables: healthcare solutions that have been shared in our community

Patients and healthcare professionals join forces with people who have technical and design skills to co-create tailor-made solutions. And they use new instruments like 3d printers to do so.


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Read project documentation


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Our method

Nowadays, care and health have technology and methodologies at their disposal that could definitely transform them, bettering the quality of life of millions living with disabilities, both physical and cognitive, whether temporary or permanent.
New tools allow to adapt, personalize and even create more effective solutions that enable us to take care of each other working together, as people with different expertise.
In order to do that we have developed a method based on co-design that consist of 8 steps.

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How can you get involved?

Let's do something together.

Behind there is a wide range of partners. We are makers, designers, healthcare professionals, researchers etc. We can help you figure out the right method and approach for your needs. If you have idea to share or want to suggest a collaboration, let’s get in touch.

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