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News and events is the outcome of a project driven by the question: we are all different, than why care for everyone the same?

The project
This platform aims to distribute open and inclusive healthcare to citizens based on digital fabrication and is the outcome of Made4you, a Horizon 2020 funded project developed by different partners.
Made4You identified how existing healthcare systems have not yet been able to cover some areas of need, offering mainly standardise products or services, too expensive or not easy to adapt to someone’s necessity.
Often patients use care solutions that do not fit their needs in terms of use, cost or aesthetics.
made4you meeting
As it happens, when people can’t find what they are looking for on the market, they tend to look for solutions elsewhere (online), and they choose also to go for the self made option, which can significantly and rapidly improve the quality of their life.
The project tries to work and bring solutions to a system which is very often too complex.
Our mission
The objective of Made4you are therefore to:
  • Build a collaborative ecosystem of citizens with disabilities, healthcare professionals and makers;
  • Provide access to open source and digital fabrication tools;
  • Foster the ecosystem through open exchange of knowledge;
  • Build guidelines that allow anyone to replicate formats everywhere.
The innovative power of users and care professionals, combined with Fab Labs and open hardware is not being used to its full potential yet, and we want to change that.
Digital fabrication and DIY?
Key to co-design is that people become creators, not only users of innovation. In our case, patients, their families, healthcare professionals and designers are involved in the co-design process as experts in their specific environments, together with makers, who are experts in the use of digital tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.
According to someone’s need, technology can be implemented accordingly to what is needed to achieve the best solution, and digital fabrication offers a wide scope for action.
The platform is becoming the central hub for DIY healthcare, an open repository for well documented open hardware projects and offers communities a place to connect and exchange knowledge, needs and co-create solutions.
Who we are
made4you people
The Careables team consists of experienced partners with extensive networks in the relevant fields.
Checkout the contacts page for any support or enquiry.
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