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Careables is a mixed community of people and organisations committed to the co-design and making of open, personalised healthcare for everyone.

Our support
We are providing support and expertise in the domain of Open Source Hardware in health and care. As we are witnessing the current challenges brought onto our society by the COVID-19 virus we feel the need to take action and offer our support.
In the next months we will focus our activities on collecting, documenting and sharing information and open source solutions to fight COVID-19. We also provide background information and want to make people aware of the many initiatives going on now and at the same time raise awareness about the responsible use of DIY products.
Careables is committed to responsible making and has defined a set of core principles:
  1. Make things that make sense: Create solutions that answer to real personal problems or needs.

  2. Co-design with others: Make space for diverse skills, competences, knowledge, and experiences to merge and come to new and meaningful solutions.

  3. Empower people: Teach others so that everyone can become more technologically literate and see the potentials.

  4. Share How You Make: Openly document the making of the project enabling its replication and choose the most appropriate licenses for your project.

  5. Be aware of limits: Consider any gaps of knowledge when you design for health and care, ask the people you design for and clinicians for support and feedback and follow quality and safety standards.

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