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Bridging Health Care: Berlin goes to Ceará Innovation Week


From October 14
to October 14


Av. Antônio Justa, 3161, Fortaleza

This online panel aims to establish a bridge between researchers, practitioners and policymakers from the city of Berlin and the state of Ceará, in Brazil, on the subject of Open & Public health. Panellists from Berlin will present their achievements and challenges in the field of disabilities and humanitarian emergency response, and also possibilities of resource-sharing initiatives for future collaborations.

The panel is a pre-event for the first Innovation Week of Ceará, with the theme ‘Mechanisms for regional development’, that will present the potential of Ceará’s ICTs in research, innovation and development. It aims to disseminate innovative solutions devised and implemented in the state. The event is the result of a partnership between Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions (ICTs): State University of Ceará (UECE), Regional University of Cariri (URCA), University of Vale do Acaraú (UVA), Nucleus of Technology and Industrial Quality of Ceará (NUTEC) and Public Health School of Ceará (ESP/CE). Furthermore, supports the event.

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Fadia Elgharib –
Sebastian Jünemann –
Alina Weber and Flo Huss –

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