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19 October 2022

Design For Life

Careables Moving Exhibition Beta Edition at Olinda, Northeast Brazil.


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Careables Moving Exhibition is moving from Berlin to land next in Olinda, Northeast Brazil.
After an inspiring first experience at Re:publica Campus, next stop for Careables Moving Exhibition is  Polyclinic Hospital João de Barros Barreto and Casa Criatura Lab.

The exhibition will present the careables created, adapted and co-designed covering worldwide replicated prototypes by Casa Criatura during the year of 2020. From different models of face shields and aerosol boxes against Covid-19 to open source stadiometers hardware and software; Hyperactive Stool, and Glifo pen holder.

Planejamentos Criatura

The exhibition aims at broadening people’s perspective on digital manufacturing and collaborative production as critical aspects of the care for the others and oneself.

This is the first time where Careables exhibition happens in a Public Hospital fighting contagious infections, like dengue fever, measles and covid-19, while also being a support centre for people with disabilities.

Time frame of Exhibition: 17th-27th November

First week: the exhibition will be hosted by the Polyclinic Hospital João de Barros Barreto.
Second week: the exhibition will be at Casa Criatura Gallery and will stay there until the end of the year.


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