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19 October 2022

Design For Life

Careables Online Exhibition – See you in Singapore! ( at Chaos Communication Congress 2021)


From December 27
to December 27




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Yes, It is the launch of the first Careables Online Exhibition! and it the time for Chaos Communications Congress 2021 (CCC).
Join Careables for a guided tour and a walkthrough of our online exhibition, that is later followed by a conversation and Q+A with Saad Chinoy and Geraldine Debastion on the topic on open Heath making and Carebales. This event will be streamed oon ChaosZone TV at CCC. at on the 27th of December at 16:00 CET.

Careables Moving Exhibition:
Careables Moving Exhibition showcased in more than ten cities worldwide and is NOW available online in its Virtual form on Gather Town. The Online Exhibition takes us inside Engineering Good Makerspace in Singapore, where visitors learn more about Careables history and how it evolved in different makerspaces around the globe.

Conversation and Q+A
We are please to annouce Saad Chinoy from Engineering Good Singapore and Gerladine Debastions from Global Innovation Gathering who will be the host of this session. In this conversation, our speakers will talk about how Careables evolved during this last year and how the open source making experience can change the future of health and care.

Streaming Link :

Image:Careables Online Exhibition at Gather Town
Gefördert von der Stiftung Nord Süd Brücken mit finanzieller Unterstützung des BMZ

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