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Ceará Innovation Week


From October 18
to October 23


Av. Antônio Justa, 3161, Fortaleza

ICTs from Ceará, Brazil, promote the state’s first Innovation Week.

The State University of Ceará (UECE), the Regional University of Cariri (URCA), the University of Vale do Acaraú (UVA), the Nucleus of Technology and Industrial Quality of Ceará (NUTEC) and the Public Health School of Ceará (ESP/CE) promote the 1st Ceará Innovation Week, with the theme ‘Mechanisms for regional development’. The initiative will present the potential of Ceará’s ICTs in research, innovation and development, connecting several innovative solutions already idealized or implemented in the state.

The event will take place in October 2021, commemorating the innovation month in Brazil, and will feature 35 events focused on intellectual property, industrial and social innovation, geotagging and Geopark, and innovation in public policies. The Innovation Week is supported by, an international platform that aims to deliver open and inclusive healthcare to citizens based on digital manufacturing.

“We will deepen the debate on the types of protection existing in science, on what the academic environments develop that goes beyond the walls of universities, and on future possibilities for innovation in our state,” explains the coordinator of the event, Chief Scientist of Innovation of Ceará, Samuel Façanha.

The entire program will take place virtually, through the YouTube channels of the participating institutions, and will be completely free of charge. Registration for certificates will be through the platform. Check out the schedule related to Careables in detail below:

20/10 – 13h00/14h00 Cyber-coffee with questions – Intellectual Generosity: protecting to ensure access

Intellectual property protects creations, ensuring a follow-up of the use and quality in the application of products. But it also can be a possibility to create an extensive repository of knowledge, which remains forever as a foundation for society to carry out research, development and innovation.


In this sense, we propose the debate on intellectual generosity as tools that enable the author/inventor to share their creations in a range of possibilities between full copyright (all rights reserved / Closed Patent) and public domain (All rights for the common).

Clarisse Castro


Ricardo Valentim – Lais/UFRN

Gabriela Augustine – Olabi
Fotini Santos Toscas – Centre for Analysis and Design of Health Technology Assessment (NAPATS).


20/10 – 14h00 – 16h00

Public health: a future vision for open, tailor-made, co-engineered and replicable solutions

During this workshop, we would love to learn about the current status of projects/work, share results and goals for the future, and discuss how we can better connect in our efforts to build a global and open health ecosystem.


Ricardo Ruiz –

Uirá Porã – Board of Innovation and Technology – Public Health School of Ceará

Michele de Souza – Founder & CEO Cycor Cibernética S/A
Dr. Ubiracé Fernando Elihimas Júnior – Health Clinic Hospital of Recife

Thiago Barros – FabLab CriarCE

Ecociclo –  (to be confirmed)

Biominas –  (to be confirmed)

Popular Health Agents – (to be confirmed)

22/10 – Innovation and Covid-19 – Ceará experiences to face the pandemic and the relation with other initiatives in Brazil.

Organized by the School of Public Health of Ceará, this moment will be an opportunity to present and discuss the initiatives and investments in innovation in the public sector that have stood out in facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Two cases will be the starting point for the dialogue: the creation of Elmo – assisted breathing helmet and the production of vaccine against Covid-19 by the State University of Ceará – UECE.

Genuinely from Ceará, Elmo is a non-invasive and safer helmet for health professionals and patients. Created in April 2020 in a task force involving a public-private partnership, the innovative equipment emerged as a new step for treating patients with Covid-19 hypoxemic acute respiratory failure.

And the HH-120-Defenser vaccine is being developed by the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (LBBM) of the State University of Ceará – UECE. The Ceará immunization is awaiting authorization from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to start testing it in humans.

Alice Pequeno (ESP/CE)

Marcelo Alcântara (ESP/CE)

Izabel Florindo Guedes (UECE)

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