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DIS 2020–More than Human Centered Design-July 6th Online


From July 06
to July 11




DesignScientific Conference

Date: July 6-12, 2020. Online

DIS 2020 will be a virtual conference. The conference will open July 6 and proceedings for the conference will be open access until July 20th. The program will include Papers, Pictorials, Provocations-Works-in-progress, and Demos. Our chairs will ask authors to create pre-recorded presentations or other contributions for the virtual program. We will also post available preview videos as part of the program. The Performance and Design Exhibition will be a virtual gallery. The Doctoral Consortium and Student Design Competition will host virtual sessions via video conference. We invite Workshop organizers to organize virtual sessions or online events and we will help where we can. We will provide asynchronous channels for conversations and questions on different social media and web channels.

All of the program will be freely available on our web site during this time. All accepted submissions will become part of the DIS 2020 proceedings and companion proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

At least one author for each accepted Paper, Pictorial, Provocations-Works-in-progress, Workshops, Performance and Design Exhibition, and Demos will be required to register and pay a participation fee (a drastically reduced conference fee). Authors can apply for compassionate waivers if they are unemployed, an independent artist or designer, have no institutional support, or have other reasons. Online registration will be available shortly.

We are excited about opening DIS 2020 to a wider audience and ask that you share this news so more people can see the brilliant work of this community. Having said that, it is with heavy hearts that we cancel the in-person DIS 2020.We will miss toasting each of you at the outdoor dinner we planned with all hopes for some non-human cooperation of a star-filled evening with no rain! But everything changed. The weaving mill in Eindhoven that was to weave the lanyards we designed is now producing masks and other personal-protection gear. And so in keeping with our posthuman theme, we are becoming within our entanglements and intra-action with non-human things and matter–including viruses and a global pandemic. And so, given the challenges and the constant of change, we hope we found a way to meet to exchange ideas, things, and experiences that keeps us safe, healthy, and generally well.

We look forward to the virtual gathering this July!
All the best,
Ron & Kristina
Co-Conference Chairs DIS 2020

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