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DOTS – The Impact Summit in Nakuru, Kenya


From December 05
to December 08




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Climate change, economic inequality and political divisions are only becoming more pressing challenges in the whole world. As a network of networks, hubs and individuals, we want to jointly implement change through concrete and tangible projects.

We will use the power of a gathering to cocreate and implement long-term projects that offer collaborative solutions to systemic problems in different localities.

DOTS will converge with with r0g_agency for open culture’s #ASKnet programme: a community based hub development program linking six start-up MIL and innovation hubs in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. The event will be hosted by the youngest of the #ASKnet hubs, Nakuru based ASKlab! Situated in the Nakuru locality of Lanet, DOTS brings together a broad range of knowledge sharing, entrepreneurial and open innovation activists from across East Africa and beyond to cross-mentor and explore new modus operandi across the vibrant GIG network.

Life Sensor Makeathon

Creating Open Source Hardware in Healthcare is the hands-on making part at DOTS. With the Careables project – an EU Horizon2020 funded platform initiative to connect patients, healthcare professionals and makers, GIG supports global knowledge exchange on assistive tech and health tech. Cadus, a charitable and independent aid organisation, initiates innovative and sustainable projects focussing on need-based capacity building to help people help themselves. One of the latest inventions is the Life Sensor, a repairable patient monitoring device. A first prototype is currently being finished after 2 years of development.

At DOTS, we want to show the Life Sensor to GIG members, check it’s preparedness for local use cases, try the reproduceability and work on the next iteration of the prototype: a custom circuit board that reducing the size and the error-proneness of the unit while keeping the parts modular.

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