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Kickstarter Masterclass


From October 25
to October 25







Design, entrepreneurship & storytelling with a crowd
with Heather Corcoran / Kickstarter

OpenDot, within the framework of Distributed Design Market Platform – DDMP funded by the European Union, is organizing a masterclass to foster the role of emerging Makers and Designers as part of a new digitized world.

The role of the designer is changing, and so is the way products are made and distributed. Today, new tools and infrastructures – from digital fabrication to crowdfunding – allow individual designers, makers, nonprofits, and startups with bold ideas to fund and deliver products that may not have found support through conventional methods. With more than 20,000 design and technology projects funded, Kickstarter has been central to this shift.

This 1 day session will introduce attendees to Kickstarter and crowdfunding as a storytelling tool, and as a way to bring creative projects to life alongside a community of backers. In addition to practical advice, the session will include hands-on activity and group discussion to help participants learn how to build the backbone of a campaign.

Participants will:
• Develop a plan for their Kickstarter campaign
• Create an outline for their campaign story, and storyboard for their film
• Identify assets needed to bring their product to life in film and photography
• Think strategically about community and press outreach
Participants should bring a project to discuss and work with, though it can still be in idea stage.
The masterclass will be held in english.

For more info and application click here.

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