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OpenDot and TOG at Maker Faire Rome 2019


From October 18
to October 21




Maker Faire Rome



Maker Faire Rome is the biggest European event dedicated to innovation. It is the place where innovators of the third millennium show projects they are working on and share their digital but also artisan knowledge.

OpenDot and TOG participate with two healthcare projects:

TOP! Together to play

Top! is a set of 3 groups of applied video games co-designed by OpenDot, TOG Foundation, WeAreMuesli, Istituto Mondino, PhuseLab UniMi for children affected by complex neurological diseases. And Founded by Fondazione Just Italia Onlus.

The suite is based on eye-tracking and includes:

  • 3 training video games to help kids learning how to use the eye-tracker by working on the visual fixation and exploration
  • 4 cognitive video games based on the concept of traditional street games to strengthen the systematic exploration, the visual comparison, the ability to discern between classes of objects and the logic deduction.
  • 3 purely playful video games aimed at entertaining and venting the aggressiveness of children

Manifesto of co-design for health and care

Nowadays care and health have technologies at their disposal that could transform them, bettering the quality of life of people living with disabilities. They are new tools that allow to adapt, personalise and create new effective solutions. To do this, the contribution of different people working together, such as designers, makers, therapists, doctors, people with disabilities and their caregivers, is required. The method conceived by OpenDot with TOG, is based on co-design and facilitates processes involving and stimulating creativity to innovate healthcare through technologies and inclusiveness.

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