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re:publica 2020 – ASAP in “digital exile”


From May 07
to May 08





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From the announcement:

Behind the re:publica team lies six weeks (or, to be exact, 35 working days), of intense conceptual work on our first digital re:publica edition. Today, we are therefore very pleased to announce that re:publica in digital exile will take place on May 7, 2020. On the newly created media platform, a one-day, free online conference will focus on the urgently needed social discourses and thus reflect upon the current global situation that is redefining social interaction as we know it.

Needless to say, we have been confronted with a completely new situation in recent months, which surprised us in many places and presented us with completely new challenges. Nevertheless, we also see the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity and a starting point for reinventing learned processes and formats.

With the re:publica in digital exile, we want to create a prototype for an online conference format: for us as organisers, for you as a community and for our numerous partners and companions of the past years.

But first of all and with great anticipation we look forward to May 7, 2020!

Further information—also about the programme can be found at

The physical event is postponed to 10-12 August. We’ll update this communication once we know more about the digital format or the programme for August.

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