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The Nation of Makers’ Collaborative Community-Wide Maker Convening 2020


From June 05
to June 08


101 W 10th Ave, Eugene





Sustainability: Building & Supporting an Ecosystem

That Sustains Us All

A national gathering of leaders representing the breadth of the maker movement, the Nation of Makers Conference (“NOMCON”) aims to spark and increase connections across sectors, generate robust collaborations, and promote the growth of an inclusive Nation of Makers. A central goal of the event is to promote relationship-building across lines of regular conversation, generating an increased sense of a connected community throughout the entire ecosystem of maker-supporting entities.

Join us for pre-conference tours, fun community events, dynamic keynote speakers, and engaging programs.

Join Nation of Makers as we work together to sustain and strengthen our inclusive network of maker organizations, engage our diverse maker network in deep and meaningful collaborative exchange, celebrate the continued positive impact of the maker movement, and expand our Nation of Makers network.

Together, we can sustain the maker movement by building an inclusive ecosystem that produces tangible projects and partnerships amongst maker organizations of all shapes and sizes, and has far reaching impacts throughout the United States and beyond.

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