Getting Started

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    Careables makes use of the platform for the sharing and hosting of the Careables projects. Welder is a file sharing and version management solution, enabling both public, and private teams to share their work.

    These instructions will get you ready to use Welder, and start sharing your “Careables” projects.

    To start documenting your project, just follow this link. This will guide you to the “Log In/Sign Up” page where you can sign up for Welder.

    After signing up, you are directed to the “Create Project” page. This page will guide you in creating the documentation by asking questions.

    Screenshot of the first part of the “Create Project” template

    This page also enables you to upload images with most questions. This will help you make the documentation more visually appealing.

    The grey field below the textbox allows you to add images

    After you went through all the steps you hit the create button and you project documentation will be made.

    After you hit the “Create” button, you’ll land on your project page. From here on, you can start adding files, folders, and edit the document that was just created.

    Next steps


    Careables projects use a specific template, which only appears when you use this link. You can also start a project via your profile but this will not give you the template and therefor not recommended.

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