Made For My Wheelchair


In the project MADE FOR MY WHEELCHAIR we develop open source wheelchair add-ons with wheelchair users.

With this guide you can create two lights for wheelchairs. We call them I and O.

The components of I and O can be assembled without screws and adhesives. They can be attached to a wheelchair in different ways. But more about this later …

Share us your feedback if you’ve made it in our public Facebook group MADE FOR MY WHEELCHAIR or here. We want to see your version of OPEN LIGHTS.

The project is run by Fab Lab Berlin, Makea Industries and be able. It’s funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, funding program Photonics Research Germany, contract number – 13N14244.

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Fab Lab Berlin is a Makea Industries GmbH undertaking; as a fully-fledged Fab Lab, it brings a state-of-the-art digital fabrication infrastructure and a related education program to the Fab City Berlin Action Group. Beyond the scope of providing means of digital production and know-how, Fab Lab Berlin acts as an independent research lab with a focus on four fields of research: holistic urban planning & business models adopting the concept of circular economy, ecological sustainability of digitally fabricated goods, sensor-integration and medtech-related sensor-integration in particular, didactics related to the digitalisation of the working environment.


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