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A collection of useful material to get oriented on open solutions for healthcare.
In this section you have access to a selection of materials that you will also find across the platform. A series of resources, stories and use cases of DIY healthcare, that shows how careables - customized and tailor-made solutions that can improve people's lives even in small everyday tasks (like drinking or taking pictures) - can be accessible and replicable by anyone thanks to digital technologies like 3D printing.




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CAREABLES: improving your life in a Fab Lab

We are 3 fablabs, a research organization, an online community for open harware, an healthcare foundation and a university

Digital Solidarity

A series of useful digital resources in the time of Covid 19

Share4Rare Toolkit for Patient Advocacy

Covering domains like communication, fundamental research, investment strategies and legal aspects

Manifesto of Co-design of Health and Care

The 8 Steps of co-design Process by OpenDot with TOG Foundation

Asterics: Assistive Technology produced in Vienna

Widening our careables network

Design your own pen holder

Making DIY healthcare prototypes in Amsterdam

Aim of the resource

Design, and especially participatory design, is an approach that creates partnership between people with healthcare needs, healthcare workers and designers.
People facing any kind of temporary or permanent diseases, knowing what it means to live with their specific condition, cannot be considered as just end users but must be actors involved actively in the process of ideation and definition of the product/service that best suits their specific needs.
The materials collected in this page are aimed to offer a first glimpse of inspiring application of this open-source practical know-how.

How to use it

Stories, news and events are accessible on this platform, both online and offline. In our Resources section you have always access to downloadable materials, and on each resource you will find instructions on how to make good use of them. Use cases are a selection of careables that we believe are representative of good careable principles: well designed, in terms of process, and well documented. You can read them on website, where all careables are stored. By exploring their documentation and other features you can get a practical sense of what means to deal with careables’ practical issues and potential.

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