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Careables on Air

A podcast about innovation in healthcare by OpenDot
Podcast series in Italian language about the disruption of traditional healthcare systems







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Careables on air

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The series of episodes aim to tell people and projects that are disrupting the traditional healthcare system or are addressing unmet needs of people with disabilities with effective and clever solutions of Design for care. All the episodes are in Italian.
Episode 1: "In order to design a careable, who fits this purpose: a designer, a healthcare professional or the final user?"
With Laura Traldi, designer and journalist, Cristina Dornini, TOG therapist and Antonia Madella Noja, TOG general secretary.
Episode 2: "Did you know that beyond usual medical equipment and tools in hospitals there are also 3d printers?"
With Nadia Crivelli, occupational therapist and Alessandro Terrani, intensivist doctor.

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