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Careables Training Kit

The toolkit provides a set of guidelines and templates to organise participatory co-design process in open source healthcare solutions.







Suggested skills and knowledge

No previous skill or knowledge is required. It is meant for groups of individuals interested in collaborative events where to co-design healthcare solutions for people with disability.


Training Kit

The booklet

Aim of the resource

This training kit provides all the practical information people need to set up an event series and guide the process. The focus of this specific training kit is specifically on the organisation of a prototyping series. It gives guidelines and tips on:
. how to find partners to cooperate with
. how to gather a diverse group of participants
. how to set up the different stages of the prototyping series
. how to document the overall process and resulting products on

How to use it

This is a useful tool to create a fruitful environment in which organisations can successfully work together and develop freely and design solutions, based on the needs of individual patients. Steps: Read it / Use it or share it .

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