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Co-Creation Guide

Using design thinking methods to develop open source tools as an inclusive team.
The Co-Creation Guide and it's interactive journey supports inclusive teams to design and share their carables. It provides a process, input videos and templates.




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Co-Creation Guide (PDF)

The Guide will lead you through the co-creation process.

Co-Creation Journey (Miro Template)

Start your interactive team Journey on miro

Aim of the resource

The goal of the process is to provide you with the following experiences among others:
- Inclusive collaboration: changing perspectives is central to the innovation process
- Competence in collaboration: team development is an important basic building block. You will learn different methods to develop your team spirit
- Structured idea generation and implementation: you will develop and unfold your creativity and transfer performance through design thinking methods.

This guide itself has been developed in a co-creation process by an inclusive
team as an open source guide.

How to use it

Have you ever had the exhilarating experience of being part of a great team and creating something you are all proud of? You can have this experience here by facing a challenge with friends and allies: Together with a person who has experienced hurdles in everyday life due to a limitation, you will develop a tool that makes everyday life easier. The PDF of the Co-Creation Guide will help you to plan and facilitate your process. On Miro you can do the journey as a crisp design sprint or use it as a roadmap for a longer journey - at your own pace.

Are you wondering who or what Miro is? The online whiteboard Miro is a mixture of a virtual board, a collection of notes and an image gallery. Best of all - everyone can access it from anywhere and your ideas and sketches are well recorded. We have put everything together for you there so that you can start right away.

There are input videos so that you can benefit from our experience at your own pace and time. The team and former participants of the Open Health HACKademies have prepared the best tips and information for you here. You can then start right away with the activity templates and you are already in the middle of the design thinking process!

Accessibility notes:

- The explainer videos are also available with subtitles and audio description. Most of the templates are available as accessible table versions.
- You will also find information on how to work together with as few barriers as possible in the description text for each template.

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