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A showcase of material that shows replicable, accessible, adjustable and shareable solutions, made by using digital technologies and applied to the health and care sector. Examples of open healthcare solutions, including detailed documentation that will help with their replication and adaptation.
This collection puts together a selection of materials that you will also find across the platform, and that can help you orientating and approaching the practices of participatory design for healthcare.




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PPE list_ Covid 19 Resources

A series of useful open-source projects in the time of Covid 19

PPE Playbook for Makers

A guide for makers’ contributions to the healthcare system

Careables Training Kit

A set of guidelines and templates to organise participatory co-design process in open source healthcare solutions

Open Source Medical Devices – A visual Guide for Makers

An introduction to the regulations to design, commercialize and distribute an open source medical device in EU

A maker lab fighting Covid-19 in Brazil

The first month of a maker lab against Covid-19 in northeastern Brazil

Seven future careables

Prototyping in Amsterdam closes the first series of MakeHealth

Aim of the resource

The healthcare environment can greatly benefit from well-established design processes: they provide tools and expertise to develop solutions for people’s specific needs. Designers’ approach is to ensure that people are the focal point of a care solution, by empathically partnering with people with different backgrounds and expertise and by iterative prototyping.
The materials collected in this page are aimed to offer a first glimpse of successful application of this symbiosis and some theoretical and practical know-how on how to start off.

How to use it

Stories, news and events are accessible on this platform, both online and offline. In our Resources section you have always access to downloadable materials, and on each resource you will find instructions on how to make good use of them. Use cases are a selection of careables that we believe are representative of good careable principles: well designed, in terms of process, and well documented. You can read them on website, where all careables are stored. By exploring their documentation and other features you can get a practical sense of what means to deal with careables’ practical issues and potential.

Use cases


COVID-19 Decontamination Toolkit

Read project documentation

Intubation Boxes Recap

Read project documentation

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