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OpenDot healthcare co-design toolkit

A series of templates that help you co-design in the field of healthcare
A set of templates that help you co-design in the field of healthcare







Suggested skills and knowledge

Human centred design, co-design approach, design skills and digital fabrication technologies skills.


The toolkit: 6 co-design templates

OpenDot healthcare co-design toolkit

Aim of the resource

The templates serve various purposes to guide the co-design process, from the brainstorming of ideas to the carrying out of the final prototype. In details:
. how to define the concept in the best way in relation to the need
. how to create a positive dialogue with the people they are designing for
. how to navigate between CNC machines, technologies and the world of sensors and actuators
. how to efficiently organize the workflow
. how to best communicate the project
. how to document the process and the final project to make it comprehensible, shared online and replicable by all

How to use it

This is a practical toolkit and is available for everyone under CC BY-NC-SA. The toolkit is meant to be used during co-design sessions by heterogeneous group composed by people with a diverse range of expertise, skills and knowledge: healthcare professionals, caregivers, people with disabilities, designers and makers. The group is led by a facilitator creating a collaborative environment and setting goals and timing. Steps: download it / read it in advance / use it during co-design sessions together with the other participants/ share it or give us feedback

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