We’re presenting „Careables“ at re:publica 2018 in Berlin

Group Foto of the Global Innovation Gathering
Group Foto of the Global Innovation Gathering Summit 2018

There are so many niche needs related to health & wellbeing which cannot be filled by established commercial solutions. That applies to the global north and even more to the global south. However, digital fabrication and ICTs combined allow for co-developing open source (connected) hardware solutions that are designed for production in makerspaces to fill this gap – with many initiatives already working in the field of DIY care and producing useful and beautiful solutions.

The Careables mission: for all of us and by all of us

With Careables, we’re building an international platform to make it easier to document, find and replicate those solution, to highlight exciting projects and to facilitate new ones. With meetups and events in many different cities we’re creating a learning community of makers, care recipients, and healthcare professionals to bring Do-It-Yourself care applications to the next level.

The Careables week in Berlin

The week started with the first Careables meetup at Fablab Berlin, that brought together people with special needs, makers, designers and other experts for creating open source solutions in the broad field of health & wellbeing. It was the first in a series of monthly meetups. In these sessions Fablab Berlin will ideate and prototype related (connected) hardware products with you that can be replicated and improved in every well equipped makerspace in the world. Maker skills and/or experience with special health & wellbeing needs will be particularly helpful, yet everybody who wants to contribute is most welcome.

Group Foto of the Global Innovation Gathering
Group Foto of the Global Innovation Gathering Summit 2018

During the weekend makers and innovators from all around the world met at the Summit of the Global Innovation Gathering. The yearly conference of over 80 representatives from innovation hubs and makers spaces from all around the world discussed Careables with a focus on documentation and humanitarian making, among many other things.

At the re:publica 2018 conference in Berlin, Careables presents itself as part of the makerspace hosted by Global Innovation Gathering. We kick-off with an ideation session featuring representatives from Fablab Berlin, Waag (Amsterdam) and FabLab Kamp-Lintfort. Additionally we host two more specific hands on workshops from initiatives we want you to know more about:

  • Made for my Wheelchair: Building Open Lights for wheelchair users
    In this workshop with Isabelle Dechamps, Daniel Wessolek and Amélie Cayré you can learn how to build your own OPEN ° LIGHT for your wheelchair or another use case.
  • Peggy Sylopp: Hear How You Like To Hear
    In the workshop you are testing prototypes of »Hearables« (portable hearing aids) together with the Fraunhofer IDMT from Oldenburg.

All results will contribute to the global network that we are currently building with partner organizations and hopefully you on careables.org.

Careables is managed by the Made4You project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 780298. The partners in this project come from 6 European countries and bring in their diverse backgrounds. They are Zentrum für Social Innovation (coordinator, AT), Waag with their Creative Care Lab (NL), opendot (IT) and Fablab Berlin/Makea (DE), Global Innovation Gathering (DE & global), Wevolver (UK), the Centre for IT and IP law at KU Leuven (BE), Togethertogo (IT).


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