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19 October 2022

Design For Life

GLIFO – The custom-made writing aid is now on Kickstarter to leave a mark!

OpenDot and TOG Foundation, with the support of Careables, have launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to get the support from friends, families, companies and curious people to reach their goal: create an online configurator so that as many kids as possible can have a Glifo.



But that’s not all, they are also presenting a new design for Glifo: lighter, smaller, easier to use and capable of holding more types and sizes of pens, pencils and markers, to help kids expressing their creativity.

Here Glifo’s new features:
→ Personalise dimension and handle rotation
→ Different colours available to choose from
→ 3D printed with SLS Nylon
→ Capable of holding pencils/markers from 6mm a 14 mm, up to jumbo markers.



The campaign will be on kickstarter for a period of 30 days, with the aim to reach 5000€.

Help us leave a mark!
We need your help to achieve our goal! Support us on kickstarter!


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