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Our creative health-care journey in Berlin

What happened in the meetups so far?
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On a monthly basis we are hosting meetups at Fab Lab Berlin. A colorful, creative group of people, brainstorms about tools and solutions for the need of people with disabilities. The results cover ideas for all senses and form the starting point for new open source solutions in healthcare and well-being. Fab Lab Berlin, its community of makers and user experts will build on these and bring some ideas to life as prototypes later in the process.

What happened in the meetups so far?

First meetup

The first kick-off meetup has been a whole creative journey through all kinds of ideas for solutions of everyday problems. Attendees were not only our community members, but also new, interested creators and user experts. In groups they already developed a few great ideas that are very diverse and some absolutely realizable, e.g. a coin purse sorter for blind people, a spoon with a bigger surface and a longer handle that can be used when eating with the feet, a toothbrush holder that allows blind people to get a better sense for using the toothpaste with two hands…

Second meetup

The second meetup in the beginning of June addressed one specific topic: communication! Together with Tomie, who is deaf since birth, makers were invited to develop ideas for barrier-free communication between deaf and hearing people. The motto of this meetup was: Let’s build bridges! As Tomie can’t always have a sign language translator by his side, he needs a solution that allows him to independently communicate with non-deaf people at any time.

An ear with an integrated microphone that converts speech into text on Tomie’s smartphone could help! We think it’s a great and tangible idea…

We will host a few other meetups at Fab Lab Berlin to gather a wider landscape of ideas and then create prototypes together in small groups.

Be part of this creative journey!

Our next meet-up “Hear how you like to hear” is happening on Friday, the 29th of June at Fab Lab Berlin – this time even with a following Hackathon on the weekend!


Agile Heap


Agile Heap


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