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Legal and ethical inventory and in-depth analysis

Project report on main legal and ethical requirements for careables, incl. data protection, IPR, etc.




in-dept analysisLegal and ethical inventorylegal frame workprivacy and data projection


Erik Kamenjasevic
Elisabetta Biasin


D6.1 Legal and ethicalinventory and in-depthanalysis

Aim of the resource

First,this deliverable aims at drawing the legal and ethical inventory comprising all relevant ethical and legal requirements, and to provide an advice to the Consortium partners concerning the fundamental legal requirements in order to ensure their implementation already at the early stage of the project development.
Second, this deliverable provides an in-depth analysis of legal and ethical questions with regard to data protection, product responsibility and torts in the sector of medical devices, management of intellectual property rights, open source licensing, and ethical principles that need to be taken into account when dealing with Careables.

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Overview Legal and ethical inventory and in-depth analysis

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