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Carables Platform and documentation tool

This document describes the first-year process of designing and creating the Made4You platform and the digital documentation tool
Project report on the first version of the careables platform incl. an overview of similar platforms







Suggested skills and knowledge

No prior skills and knowledge are needed to understand this document.


Deliverable 3.1

Made4You research on tooling and platform

Aim of the resource

. provide information on current platforms and other systems that people are using, that are similar to the Made4You platform concept;
. clarify who the potential users of the Made4You platform are, their needs, desires and difficulties in approaching platforms with DIY solutions;
. compare existing documentation templates as well as guidelines or supportive tools deployed by current makers’ platforms;
. build the Made4You Documentation tool

How to use it

This is a research document addressed to those interested in open source documenting platforms, from makers to researchers. Steps: download it / read it / share it, use it for your research or contact us for feedback, sources, anything.

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