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Documenting Careables projects on how to do it.

A video on how to create a high-quality documentation of Careables.
This video shows you how to use to document your projects on Careables.








Documenting Careables projects on Welder - Video – Knowledge base

Aim of the resource is the main sharing platform for Careables. It is an advanced and fully open-source file sharing and a version management solution which gives you all the tools to create high-quality documentation of your project. It allows you to organize your project files and you can always see its latest version.
The resource is divided into 2 parts:
1. From login to the project template, to the overview where you can add pictures, a summary of your project, its goal, specifications and a roadmap (the future plans of your project), the team members who have contributed and any external resources;
2. Other features such as: Overview (in which you can add the assembly guide, files and documents), a section where you can exchange feedback, opinion on the project as well as discussing it with the other users, the clone button, and the project history (which is very useful to see all the uploaded versions of a project, from which you can go back at any time)

How to use it

This is a very practical tutorial meant for any type of users. In a previous resource we have shared a text documentation that you can find above resource section.

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